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''It's more fun in the Philippines''

This is the famous slogan the Philippines has for their very progressive tourism. Yes, it is truly more fun in the Philippines! Consider the beautiful tourist attractions this country has. Appreciate the beauty of the country which made it more popular even to the nations of other continents!

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Expat Life | What It's Like to be Living in the Philippines

People expatriate for a lot of different reasons. Some do it for a higher academic pursuit, a change of career, as a retirement plan or to simply chase the thrill of a new beginning. Nonetheless, moving to a different country to start out a new life is a decision that requires thorough thinking and planning.

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International Romance | Why a Filipina Woman Match Perfectly With a Western Man

The Philippines is an orient pearl. Its many islands hold so many fantastic tourist destinations. Because of this, millions of tourists visit the country every year. The country is also home to so many cheerful, kind, friendly, and beautiful single women.

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Gastronomic Wonders of the Philippines | 7 Must-Try Filipino Dishes

When talking about the top tier Asian destinations, the Philippines should be at the highest rung of the ladder in terms of the most visited and sought-after vacation spots. Much like the 7100 plus islands that make up the Philippine archipelago, there are also 7100 plus reasons and more to visit the Pearl of the Orient Seas.

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The Advantages of Dating a Filipina

One of the most popular choices for foreign men are Filipinas, and dating one certainly has its own perks. It’s not a well-kept secret that the Philippines houses one of the most beautiful women in the world. These women certainly stand out from the rest, and are often seen showcasing their amazing talents and natural charm on various international stages.

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Most Notable Characteristics of Filipino Women

The Philippine islands are home to some of the world’s happiest people. Known as the “Pearl of the Orient Seas,’ this Asian country houses traditional and stunning ladies who have made a name for themselves on the international stage, most notably in beauty pageants. Consequently, the distinct Pinay beauty has gained global recognition which made Filipinas among the most highly coveted women in the international dating scene.

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What Makes Filipino Women Beautifully Unique

With over 7,000 islands making up the Philippine archipelago, this country holds an abundance of natural treasures and wonders. But what sets the Pearl of the Orient Seas apart from other nations is its proudest and most treasured resource - its remarkable people and the world-class beauty of Philippine women. Considered as among the most beautiful women in the world, Filipinas do not just attract local men but bachelors of different nationalities as well.

Because of the strategic location of the country and its abundant natural resources, the Philippines has caught the interests of foreign merchants and colonizers who brought forth a mixture of culture and genetics. With this, the Philippines became a melting pot of different cultures that makes the country and its people unique. The rich history of the country has given birth to the distinct Filipino culture that has shaped its women.

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Pearl of the Orient Seas | The Beauty of the Philippine Islands

The Philippines is an archipelagic and tropical country located in the Southeast Asian region. Composed of 7, 107 islands, the country has an abundance of natural wonders, beautiful tropical landscapes, and adventure-packed attractions.

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Filipina Dating | A Checklist to Dating Filipino Women

Philippines — a tropical country in the Southeast Asian region characterized by its archipelagic structure. Its vast natural resources have drawn the attention of tourists from different parts of the world.

Aside from its natural wonders, the impeccable Filipina beauty is also a major tourism draw for the Philippines. With almond-shaped eyes, naturally tanned skin and black kinky hair, Filipino women possess physical attributes that most foreign men consider ideal. Matched with their loyalty, passion, resilience, and kindness, these women will certainly be able to catch any man's heart.

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Philippines Vacation

There’s just something about the Philippines that draws the attention of a lot of tourists. Its catch phrase “Choose Philippines” has certainly lived up to its purpose because many tourists from across the globe have chosen the Philippines to spend their vacation in.

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The Culture That Shaped The Filipina Beauty

With the many prestigious pageants that the Philippines has won, it is not a surprise why the Filipina beauty has come to be known across the globe. The beauty of a Filipina can definitely turn heads. However, there’s so much more to Filipinas than just their almond eyes, naturally tanned skin, and silky black hair. It is their character that truly shines over their many endearing qualities.

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7 Signs That Will Tell You if a Filipina is Right for You

Throughout our lives, no matter how cliché it sounds, people come and go; such is the nature of life. However, it takes a real special woman to come along, stop you in your tracks, and make you wonder -- is she the one?

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4 Reasons Why Marrying a Filipina is the Best Choice for You

Filipino women are considered to be some of the most sought-after brides by men across the globe. In fact, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), 3.6% of marriages in the Philippines involve foreign nationals. This figure has increased in the last few years and is projected to continue growing as Filipina-foreigner relationships slowly become a norm in the Philippines.

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The Best Philippine Cities to Meet Filipino Women in

The Philippines is a country blessed with abundant natural resources, picturesque scenery and gorgeous women. Filipinas are regarded as among the most beautiful and stunning women across the globe. The distinct beauty and endearing qualities that Filipino women possess compel a lot of foreign men to expand their dating pool in the Philippines.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, July 17, 2019 - Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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